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Why is having a good CV so important?

Your CV tells the potential companies whether or not you’re a good fit for the jobs they are offering. It is therefore very important that you provide all the relevant experiences and skills in your CV. By doing so you will increase your chances of working flexibly with Adia

To have an attractive CV, make sure it: 

  • Is up to date – don’t forget to include your most recent jobs and skills 
  • Has a clean design and structure – so that it is easy to read 
  • Includes your full name and contact details – in case you need to be contacted 
  • Lists your work experience in chronological order – the more structured, the better  
  • Includes your diplomas and certificates in PDF format – the employers must be able to say that you are qualified for the job 
  • Is uploaded on a pdf. format – because this will make your CV look more professional than a screenshot/photo of your CV

Here are two examples of structured CVs...(click on the pictures to see them full size


Things to keep in mind before uploading your CV through the Adia App:

  • Have your CV saved in your phone as a doc., docx. or pdf. file, 
  • If you prefer uploading your CV as a picture, it must be saved as a jpg. or png.
  • Your file should be smaller than 6MB 


How to take a clear picture of your CV if it's not in your phone:

  • Print your CV and place it on a flat surface with good light
  • Get your phone camera close to your CV so it's focused and readable
  • Take a picture of your CV and crop any edges if necessary 

Here is what a good and a bad CV picture look like: 


How to upload your CV picture or file in the Adia app:

  • Open the Adia App and go to "My Profile"
  • Click on "Curriculum Vitae"
  • Click on "Upload your CV"
  • Choose the option "Choose existing photo" or "Upload file"
  • Select your CV picture or file 

Here is a video demonstrating how to upload your CV on the Adia App (this can vary slightly from phone to phone). 





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