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Why is having a great profile picture so important?

Make a first great impression on employers to get hired!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. When you apply for a job, you have 1 minute to impress every company with your application. The first impression counts and your profile picture is playing a big role.


Here is how to make a good first impression:

  • Smile and look happy – show that you’re a nice person to work with
  • Don’t wear sunglasses – they cover your facial expression
  • Use a neutral or work-related background – keep the photo focused on you
  • Show yourself – make sure your face is clearly visible
  • Be natural – don’t add filters or icons to the photo
  • Dress for success – look presentable and pick clothes you would wear to work


Here are two examples of a good profile picture:

And here are some examples that would have an unprofessional effect and that should not be used as profile picture:


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